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RBR Associates

Who We Are

& What We Do for Our Clients

RBR Associates is a creative consultancy serving clients in both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) markets, representing a diverse product and service mix. With over 40 years of supply-side experience, we are proud of our history of successful relationships with locally owned, Northern Ohio companies, other small businesses outside of Ohio, as well as multi-national corporations.

Our customers receive efficient, professional service and appreciate the personal touch our small size and approach to business provides them.

  • Consulting Related to Sales & Marketing
  • Creative Design Services
  • Direction of Third Party Creative Services
  • Copywriting
  • Related Creative & Production Services

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Bright ideas waiting

The Big Picture…

& Un­der­stand­ing there’s a Difference

In sales and marketing, recognizing and understanding the importance of the “big picture” is what separates the graphic artist from the marketing communications specialist. Focusing on how each project serves as a means to a common end, is far different from focusing upon each project as the end in itself.

The common objectives of sales and marketing are best served by the former. Budgets are generally better utilized, as well, by avoiding the trap of re-inventing the wheel as each marketing project is developed.

We understand the difference between vision and tunnel vision.

Bright Ideas Waiting


tell us a story

First, we Listen…

Then We Consult.

We know a great deal about various markets and industries, but no one knows your business better than you. While there are standard sales and marketing principles and practices that will almost always apply, delivering rhetoric liberally seasoned with buzz words and technical jargon is not creative consulting.

Whatever we do for you begins with listening.

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Results, This Exit

Being in the Cloud…

with your feet still on the ground.

The Internet is the highway to “The Cloud” and it is all the roads and boulevards within. The Cloud is where your customers will go to find you. Even if they do, will they find what you have to offer? Or will they continue on?

Our goal is to provide a “feet on the ground” strategy through which you articulate your market knowledge, goals, resources and objectives to guide your customers to your place in the cloud, keep them there and keep them coming back.

Results, This Exit



RBR Associates’ Short List


Everything we do begins with consultation. However, if all you require is advice on sales or marketing, it can end there too.


Websites, Brochures, Ads, Exhibits, Packaging, Logos. In our 40+ years we've designed just about everything.

Art Direction

We can help you get your contracted creative service or talent on track and keep them focused until your project is complete.


We write technical and promotional copy, for print, electronic & audio-visual media, to inform, advertise, or both!

Related Services

E-commerce, Website Admin, News Releases, Desktop Publishing, Photoshop, Photography, Videography, etc., etc…

What Do You Need?

If we have done it and seek more, we will tell you so. If we haven't, or cannot… we will tell you that too.

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Pricing & Billing…

What You Can Expect.


Hourly: $150/hour - Billed in quarter hour increments, with a one hour minimum
Retainer: Negotiated. Usually open-ended and month-to-month.


Direct billing of purchases related to any assignment is always preferred and encouraged. Direct billing of purchases avoids a 20% mark-up.


Indirect costs (such as travel, meals and lodging) related to an assignment are billed at their net cost.
Some expenses can be direct billed.


Frequency: Assignments are billed work-to-date, or final, upon completion. Retainers are billed monthly.
Terms: Net upon receipt. Delinquent after 30 days.

* Ohio sales tax is collected on all applicable Purchases.

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